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The SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) is an admissions test administered to students in grades 3-11 to help determine placement into independent or private junior high and high schools.

The SSAT measures the basic verbal, math, and reading skills students need for successful performance in independent schools. It's an indispensable tool that gives admission professionals an equitable means to assess and compare applicants, regardless of their background or experience.

There are three SSAT levels:

Elementary Level SSAT - For children currently in 3rd and 4th grades who are applying for admission to 4th and 5th grades.

Middle Level SSAT - For children currently in grades 5-7 who seek admission to grades 6 through 8.

Upper Level SSAT - For children currently in grades 8-11 who are applying for admission to grades 9 through PG (Post Graduate).

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Dr. Donnelly can teach your child the correct approach for each type of question that will appear on the SSAT or ISEE exam. This will significantly increase your child's chances of getting accepted into the independent school of your choice.

Private tutoring with Dr. Donnelly is available either online in-person at either his San Diego-based office or his Manhattan-based office in New York City (depending upon the time of year).

Over the years, Dr. Donnelly has helped literally hundreds of students to improve their ISEE and SSAT scores significantly and get accepted into a top-tier independent school. We are confident that he can do the same for you.

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Best Private Tutor

5 star review

"My son benefited tremendously from his tutorial sessions with Dr. Donnelly. Not only did he grow in confidence, but he was given the tools to expertly tackle his high school entrance exams. Dr. Donnelly is patient, consistent and totally committed to the welfare of his students and as a result of his thorough and knowledgeable sessions my son was accepted to all the schools to which he applied. We are enormously grateful and cannot recommend Dr. Donnelly enough!"

Victoria A., Manhattan, New York.

Best Private Tutor

5 star review

"Dr. Donnelly, Jon got a 498 and he was accepted to Bard Early College and Brooklyn Latin. Thanks for all your help!"

Mary G., Staten Island, New York.

Best Private Tutor

5 star review

"Dr. Donnelly taught me clearly in a very short time. It was very effective just before my exam, and the results turned out to be great! He was nice and encouraging, and I enjoyed his lessons."

James R., Manhattan, New York.

Best Private Tutor

5 star review

"My daughter has worked with Dr Donnelly for the last three months, and it has been wonderful. Dr. Donnelly has been able to focus on her weaknesses and provide enormous insight. In addition, his advice with regard to strategy for the test has been invaluable. He is able to engage students and provide support well beyond other tutoring services. He is sincerely committed to student success and offers a personalized service with sound methodology. Within 3 months, her scores improved significantly. In addition to all his talents ... he is just one of those really smart people that can teach."

Deborah W., Bergen, NJ.

Best Private Tutor

5 star review

“If you are willing to put in the time to work, Dr. Donnelly will make sure you succeed. He is incredibly easy to understand and patient.”

Robert K., Brooklyn, New York.

Best Private Tutor

5 star review

“Dr. Donnelly's way of teaching is very calm and effective. By teaching concepts in the simplest ways possible he managed to make it interesting and challenging at the same time.”

Maria M., Manhattan, New York.

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