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Many students have great difficulty learning physics at school. Once students begin to fall behind the rest of the class it is usually very difficult for them to catch up in this essential subject without additional help. Luckily, these same students often tend to flourish under one-to-one physics tutoring with the right private physics tutor.

Working with the right professional physics tutor can make all the difference.

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Private Physics lessons with Dr. Donnelly are available either online via Zoom or in-person at either his Manhattan office or at his San Diego-based office (depending upon the time of year).

As Dr. Donnelly helps to build up your physics foundation, your confidence in the subject will quickly grow and you will begin to notice that your physics classes at school are suddenly a lot less stressful. Who knows? You might even begin to enjoy them!

Many of Dr. Donnelly's students are amazed how quickly they are able to pick up each topic once they are free from the distractions of the classroom environment. While some students need a tutor for the whole year or semester, others may simply need to prepare for an upcoming exam or standardized math test. Whatever your physics or math tutoring needs, Tutors of Oxford NYC has got you covered.

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Best Private Tutor

5 star review

"Dr. Donnelly tutored my son in Physics. My son learned a few steps to help him solve the problems faster and correctly. Every lesson helped my son feel confident. My son constantly talks about how Dr. Donnelly has taught him skills that even transcend beyond the physics that he is able to use in his classes at school. Dr. Donnelly was also very good at being able to work around a person's schedule. I highly recommend him, he is a great tutor. Thank you Dr. Donnelly!"

Tania L., Bronx, New York.

Best Private Tutor

5 star review

"Dr. Donnelly helped me build my confidence, which improved my test taking substantially. I'm no longer afraid of Physics because he taught me strategies to break down complicated problems into simple concepts. He also reviewed concepts I didn't know in depth, asking questions to make sure I understood. I strongly recommend Dr. Donnelly, he made test preparation enjoyable and fulfilling."

Mora V., Staten Island, New York.

Best Private Tutor

5 star review

"Just wanted to update you and say thanks again. I managed to get a 710 on the SAT Physics exam!"

Richard V., Manhattan, New York.

Best Private Tutor

5 star review

"Though I felt confident in chemistry, I was struggling with studying for physics while preparing for the MCAT. This changed when I went to Dr. Donnelly to sharpen up my physics. He was very helpful, and I felt very confident going into test day. I ended up scoring in the 97th percentile for the chemical and physical foundations section! All of my tutoring took place over Skype--so where ever you live you should give Dr. Donnelly a try!"

Alison H., Los Angeles CA (online student).

Best Private Tutor

5 star review

"I worked with Dr. Donnelly over the summer to improve my MCAT. Dr. Donnelly has many tricks to simplify everything - from passages to math equations to detailed physics concepts. We met both in person and via Skype. He provided all the study material, was incredibly patient, and overall just a great instructor. I definitely recommend anyone taking the MCAT work with Dr. Donnelly - you'll see results"

Samantha S., Hempstead, New York.

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