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Online tutoring is an effective and convenient test prep option that lets us speak “face-to-face” as we view a shared whiteboard. Most of my online students have been surprisingly pleased with online tutoring for two reasons:

1: Online tutoring is efficient and convenient since no time is wasted getting to and from each lesson.

2: The format of online tutoring lets you keep all the notes from our sessions, and hence, you can focus on the content at hand and review the lesson notes afterward.

Homework assignments are also sent at the end of each online class, and lesson fees can be made conveniently over the phone via all major credit cards.

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Private online lessons with Dr. Donnelly are available via Zoom for all the standardized tests listed below. As Dr. Donnelly helps build up your foundational knowledge of each topic, your confidence in the subject will quickly grow, and you will begin to notice that your practice tests are suddenly much less stressful. Who knows? You might even begin to enjoy them!

Many of Dr. Donnelly's students are amazed at how quickly they can pick up each topic once they are free from the distractions of the classroom environment. While some students need a tutor for the whole year or semester, others may need to prepare for an upcoming exam or standardized test. Whatever your online tutoring needs, Tutors of Oxford NYC has got you covered.

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Best Private Tutor

5 star review

"I was tutored by Dr. Donnelly for the TOELF IBT test and I have to thank him for his patience and dedication on this preparation. I found his classes to be very convenient not only because I live outside the US and could take the classes through Skype, but also because he accommodated his schedule conveniently to mine and was able to get an almost perfect score on my test. I got accepted at NYU! Thank you so much!"

Diana M., Colombia (online student).

Best Private Tutor

5 star review

"Dr. Donnelly is simply the best in his field. I came to him just three weeks before my exam in desperate need of a strategy to improve my CARS score. In just three lessons, I jumped 30 percentiles in my practice exams on that section and ultimately scored in the 95th percentile on the MCAT. Dr. Donnelly is professional, kind, patient, and so willing to do everything he can to support his students in succeeding on the MCAT. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in need of strategizing their test preparation!"

J. F., Miami, FL - (online student).

Best Private Tutor

5 star review

"Though I felt confident in chemistry, I was struggling with studying for physics while preparing for the MCAT. This changed when I went to Dr. Donnelly to sharpen up my physics. He was very helpful, and I felt very confident going into test day. I ended up scoring in the 97th percentile for the chemical and physical foundations section! All of my tutoring took place over Skype--so where ever you live you should give Dr. Donnelly a try!"

Alison H., Los Angeles CA (online student).

Best Private Tutor

5 star review

"I scored a 700 on the GMAT earlier today. I improved in Math quite substantially, from a 44 (70th percentile) the first time to a 49 (88th percentile). I'm pretty thrilled. I wanted to say THANK YOU very much!"

Brian M., Boston, MA (online student).


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