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Many students have great difficulty learning math at school. Once students fall behind the rest of the class, catching up on this essential subject is usually tough without additional help. Luckily, these same students often flourish under one-to-one math tutoring with the right private tutor.

Working with the right professional math tutor can make all the difference.

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Private math lessons with Dr. Donnelly are available either online via Zoom or in person at his Manhattan office or San Diego-based office (depending upon the time of year).

As Dr. Donnelly helps build up your math foundation, your confidence in the subject will quickly grow, and you will begin to notice that your math classes at school are suddenly much less stressful. Who knows? You might even begin to enjoy them!

Many of Dr. Donnelly's students are amazed at how quickly they can pick up each topic once they are free from the distractions of the classroom environment. While some students need a tutor for the whole year or semester, others may need to prepare for an upcoming exam or standardized math test. Whatever your math tutoring needs, Tutors of Oxford NYC has got you covered.

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Best Private Tutor

5 star review

"Dr Donnelly was professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with when our son needed to get started on working for his AP Calc BC, which his school did not offer. All went well and he got into Oxford, so we're grateful for Dr Donnelly's guidance!"

Sophie M., Manhattan, New York.

Best Private Tutor

5 star review

"I aced the math section of the GRE today - score 166 (93rd percentile). Thank you again for all your help"

Monica Q., Manhattan, New York

Best Private Tutor

5 star review

"Dr. Donnelly's way of teaching is very calm and effective. By teaching math in the simplest ways possible he managed to make it interesting and challenging at the same time. I am happy to report that I recently passed my TASC exam with a score of 90 percent."

Marie M., Manhattan, NY.

Best Private Tutor

5 star review

"I had almost given up hope of getting my degree, but recently I decided to go back to school to try one last time to pass this last remaining math class. On my first quiz I scored so poorly that I considered giving up and dropping the course. As a last resource, I decided to search for a tutor and that's how I found Dr. Donnelly.

I have never been good at math (I am actually terrified of it!) so Dr. Donnelly's calming and patient demeanor was a great help. I felt comfortable and even began to feel confident after my first meeting with him. He is not a "there is just one way to solve a math problem" kind of teacher, if a method didn't work for me, he would find a different way to approach the problem to help me understand it. He actually made the lessons enjoyable! After one month of intensive lessons with Dr. Donnelly, I passed my precalculus class with an amazing 85% and finally got my diploma. I am so proud of myself."

Denisse A., Manhattan, New York.

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